The DO Montsant’s red wine has been produced with grapes from a wide variety of farms and several mineral compositions. Farms located in El Masroig, La Serra d’Almos, Darmós, Els, Guiamets, Capçanes, Marçà and Falset. We are talking about a wine created to satisfy a wide variety of palates, friendly and representative of the region. A great sensation of ripe red fruit, with notes of spicy and aromatic herbs. Soft, ripe and velvet tannins in a fresh, fruity wine.

DO Montsant is more than just a Denomination of Origin. It is a denomination that has deserved its own place in both the nation-wide market as well as the international wine market. When we talk about Montsant, we talk about Garnacha and Carignan wines, produced in an area that integrates up to 17 different municipalities, located mainly in the Priorat region and also in the Ribera d’Ebre region. The territory is surrounded by mountains that distinguish the Monstant wine in a singular way from the neighboring Priorat Denomination of Origin.

Within the DO Montsant, the clay, granite and lime predominate and in smaller proportion, the slate. The orography is varied and rugged, even though it is softer in comparison to some other southern areas. The vineyards are 50 meters above sea level, in the lower zones, and 700 meters, in the highest areas. In this area, the Mediterranean climate is marked by a certain continental influence, because of the effect produced by the mountains, hiding the territory from the maritime influence, with a sharp contrast between the daytime and nighttime temperatures during the maturation.

This is a wine, with a traditional winemaking process different in each farm and depending on the type of grape. Fermentation takes about 7 days at a controlled temperature of 25-28 °, followed by a 22 day maceration s and then, aged for three months in cement cups.


On the nose, we find ripe black fruit, plumb, blackberry, anise and a touch of liquorice. In the mouth, we have a very balanced wine, rounded, sweet, long in the mouth with medium / high intensity.

Based on its freshness, it is an ideal wine for white and red meats, spicy dishes, pasta, salads and cheeses. In any case, the fresh contribution of the DO Montsant to the pallete, will balance the spices and sauces of the dishes.

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