Organic red wine, harvested manually and fermented in stainless steel tank, with the most characteristic grapes of the territory. This is a wine with personality, soft and of excellent quality. The grapes chosen for this wine are Garnacha and Mandó. Our Dotze DO Pla de Bages wine has been produced by Josep M. Claret, from El Molí Winery (Collbaix).

The Bages region is an extension of about 500 hectares of farms (Barcelona) with the populations of Artés and Manresa as major centers of wine production. The most representative white wine grapes are Picapoll, Macabeo and Chardonnay. In the region , there is a recovery of the native red wines such as black Picapoll, Sumoll and Mandó . The other varieties that we find here are Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Garnacha Negra, Tempranillo and Syrah. In the DO there are about 100 winemakers and 10 wineries that produce an annual average of about 1.2 million bottles, of which 85% are consumed in the national market.

The grape comes from vineyards in a clay and sandy soil located between Manresa and Rajadell, under the hill of Collbaix and in front of the Sierra de Montserrat. The exceptional microclimate of the region allows the cultivation of vineyards and olive trees as it is under the influence of the Mediterranean Sea, sheltered by Montserrat and the northern Pyrenees winds . This locations is characterized by significant temperature changes between day and night. The Pla de Bages has a Mediterranean mid-mountain climate, with little rainfall and a wide range of temperature differences during the year.

Manual harvest in boxes of 20 Kg and manual selection of the grapes on a triage table. Maceration in press for 12 hours. Alcoholic fermentation at 14 ° C for 22 days. Clarification with casein and bentonite. Aging of 6 months in stainless steel tanks and 2 months in bottle before going to market. Stabilized by cold and light filtration, and as a consequence, some sediments may appear at the bottom of the bottle.


Wine with good structure in the mouth, expressive, with round and friendly tannins, sweet cherry in the beginning and elegant cocoa finish. On the nose, aromas of cherry, cocoa, orange peel, green almond and hints of star anise, tofe and vanilla. Ruby color with medium intensity.

Venison, Duck, Meatballs

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