The Denomination of Origin Tarragona is the seal that identifies and protects the wines elaborated in the Camp de Tarragona and part of the Ribera d’Ebre. The proposal of Dotzevins is a sweet and essentially Mediterranean wine, fresh, perfect to match dessert and cheeses.

The amphora in the logo of the Denomination of Origin “Tarragona” synthesizes the millenarian presence of viticulture in this particular region. It directly links and connects with the Roman Empire and its cultural legacy since the amphora was the recipient of ceramics used in antiquity to store and transport wine. The production area of the DO Tarragona presents two zones clearly differentiated. The area of “Camp de Tarragona”, together with the counties of Alt Camp, Baix Camp and Tarragonès, and the area of the Ribera d’Ebre. This territory is between the Ebro River and the Mediterranean Sea. The relief of the DO is simple. Most of the territory is below 600m and most of the vineyard is between 100 and 400 meters.

The climate of the DO Tarragona and the direct influence of the sea, with its soft land offers an exceptional terrain, absolutely ideal to offer soft and fresh wines. A wine genuinely and typically Mediterranean. The DO Tarragona has several “terroirs” that clearly marks the difference between the landscape close to the sea, or close to the banks of the River Ebro. We can easily find the sandy limestone ground very close to the surface. In the subsoil we find slender stone and a lot of gravel on the surface with weak organic matter content.

Manually harvested in two times, harvesting only scratched grapes. Fermentation, processing, Filtration and bottling carried out with less than 45 days in order to preserve all primary aromas in the bottle.


We can easily appreciate in the nose, lychee perfume, pineapple, orange peel and anise freshness. In the mouth it is fresh with flavors of tropical fruits and selected notes of syrup and grape.

Perfect pairing with desserts, tea biscuits, swiss candies, blue cheeses and foie gras.

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