This is the proposal by Dotzevins for the DO Catalunya, a designation of origin for wines produced in wine regions of Catalonia that comply and assume with all the requirements of the Regulatory Council. This DO was created as an exit and market opportunity for the small Catalan areas of wine production, opening for them the possibility of bottling wine with grapes from another DO or giving them the chance to make mixes with grapes from different DO´s. As a matter of fact, the wine culture of this DO offers ideal spaces for experiments with a wider range of varieties and with less restrictions that in the other denominations. That is why in Dotzevins we wanted to do its genuine and original pink wine, characteristic in this DO, rather than in other Catalan DO´s, where they are not so convinced with this type of wine.

The DO Catalunya collects the history and tradition of wineculture in Catalonia and includes a broad range of autochthonous and traditional varieties in a composition that gathers a good part of the vineyards of Catalonia. In total, it integrates 330 municipalities that are located all around Catalonia. Of the 22 millions of bottles marketed per year in 2000 with the seal of the DO Catalunya, now it has been reached up to 60.3 million current bottles. As they say from the DO itself, each Bottle of this origin contains the full country in its entirety. And this is not rhetoric but literal, keeping in mind that the philosophy of this DO intends to offer a more flexible and flexible framework for winegrowers and more coupage possibilities applied in the creation of their wines.

The DO extends to the northeast of the Iberian Peninsula, between the Mediterranean Sea and The Pyrenees. Acquire 42,985 ha. of wine landscape surface, distributed in 426 municipal hometowns of Catalonia, where the vineyard has been cultivated and harvested traditionally, becoming an characteristic element and absolutely inherent basis in its landscapes and in its culture. Thanks to the DO Catalunya, wine producing municipalities that could not be assigned to any other name of origin but with the capability to do great wines, are now open to the market under the protection of their own Denomination of Origin. An important part of the Anoia region or the Baix Llobregat, can be protected and get the seal of quality and confidence that the DO Catalunya provides.

Cabernet Sauvignon grapes were harvested on the day September 21, 2017 by hand and stocked on boxes of 15 kg. Once it reached the cellar, it was done by a direct pressing of the grape. It was placed in a cold tub at 11ºC and left for two days on its own, and after that, becomes the saprataion of the sludge from the clean part.Here it begins the fermentation process at a temperature of 16ºC with the yeast selected. On November 18th, it was moved to a tub until its clarification, and then gets ready to be bottled.


In the nose, we detect genial aromas of strawberry, orange blossom and rose petals. Very delicate In the mouth, greedy with volume, light cherry touches and a slight finish of toasted almonds. Very gastronomic wine

Very gastronomic wine, pairing perfectly with white meat, pastas, tataki salmon or tuna tartar.

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